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raiders of the , and it was in theaters had been in theaters for a year. everything has changed so much, but it is almost like a sporting event. you check it out, and it's over. waysndustry needs to find to put them out and not just say, kids are out of school, so let's have a huge week. >> is there one thing about the business of hollywood that concerns you given the trajectory it is on. is something i am involved in. we are developing a number of movies that don't fall in this category. to getincredibly lucky to work in some of the story an existing film series. i hate the word franchise, but i do feel when you see studios making movies because they run way theers, that is the system works. the studios what they can make, and they are pretty accurate, and that really determines what films get green lit. hugely important stories are not going to be told the coasts the marketing department is honestly saying it was not a comic look before. it wasn't an existing tv show. to me that is the biggest threat in the industry. it is something i am part of. yet i think there are filmmakers doing
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1